Flat Belt Conveyors


Flat Belt Conveyors

Conveyor Type

Our Bline belt conveyors are a simple and effective means conveying a variety of products to suit your application. The Bline conveyor belt selection and design are matched to your requirements. Several key features of the Bline conveyors are quick release take up assemblies, self-locking hinged high profile side guides, cantilevered construction option for easy belt removal and sanitation.

Many belt styles are available such as fabric ply belts, homogenous flat belt or positive drive tooth belts.

  • Individually hinged infeed/discharge sections for easy cord replacement and sanitising
  • Removable nose roller assemblies
  • Polymer bed
  • Product side guides (optional)
  • Manufactured from FDA/USDA materials
Typical Applications

Baked Goods

Snack Foods

Packaged Product

Zero radius corners