Dewatering equipment

Concept Solutions designs and builds equipment to perform recovery, classifying and grading of material from a waste or effluent stream either by means of dewatering or separation.

RECOVERY: The removal of a by-product or waste material from wash down or processing wastewater via a screen, sieves and screw presses.

CLASSIFY: A dewatering unit which separates out truly settleable particles from the influent, further dewatering and discharging the particles via a screw mechanism to disposal.

GRADING: Our Trommeline Screens are used in a variety of processes from washing, screening, grading and dewatering of food or waste product.

DEWATERING: Our Screwtech screw conveyors and Trommeline Screens can be utilised for washing and dewatering of food or waste product.

Typical Applications

Recovery of solids

Screening or grading of product

Grit removal