Custom Dewatering Equipment

ISOgrit Classifier


The ISOgrit functions as a stand-alone grit classifier which separates out truly settleable particles from the influent. Water and residual organics are re-channelled for further processing. The unit is ideal for the initial phase of relatively low volume municipal and industrial plants or as a second stage dewatering and grit-removal unit in large volume applications. ISOgrits feature lamella separator plates to increase the capacity and retrieval of settleables

Conveyor Options
  • Pusher, Sweep Arm , Retractable or Air Blast reject systems
  • Lockable reject bins
  • Swivel castors or height adjustable feet
  • Safety Guards
  • Horizontal or Goose Neck Incline configurations
  • Removable belt and bed option for clean down
Typical Applications

Municipal wastewater head works

Industrial wastewater grit removal

Waste stream grit removal

Inline Screen


The Inline Screen was developed to recover and dewater product (such as animal fats) from food processing lines and enabling producers to utilise this recovered material for other products. It has a minimal footprint, is low maintenance and operator friendly. The waste stream should be gravity fed directly into the influent tube of the inline screen. The waste water is screen out and the recovered product is discharged out the end of the drum.

Variations of the Inline screen can be used for coating applications such as sugar, coconut or crumb coating of food products. The coating is introduced at the infeed end and tumbled with the products and separated.

Typical Applications

Lamella separator plates

HTSMA Shaftless screw running at low rpm

UMWPE liner trough

Stainless steel fabrication

Screwtech Screw Press


The Screw Press is designed to convey, dewater and compact semi-liquid materials where residue matter is to be removed. The waste stream is gravity fed or conveyed to the Screw Press inlet hopper and dewatered through an integral heavy gauge vee wire screen then conveyed via a helix to the compression zone where final dewatering and compaction occurs. Pressed liquor is collected in a drain pan and the dewatered solids are dispatched through an inclined flume.

Typical Applications

Paunch grass dewatering / compaction

Slaughterhouse offal dewatering / compaction

Poultry offal and feather dewatering

Food processors wash down dewatering

Trommeline Rotary Drums


The Trommeline Screens are used in a variety of processes from washing, screening, grading and dewatering. Essentially, it is a rotating perforated drum with integral helical flight to transport the product along the drum. The pitch of the helix controls the throughput of product and level of dewatering or sieving.

Typical Applications

Dewatering of recoverable products

Works / Slaughter Houses / Poultry Plants

Wash down / debris removal

Food / Vegetable processing waste retrieval

Viking Chain


Chain and Flight Clarifier Systems Concept Solutions is proud to represent the Viking Chain Group Enviro Division in New Zealand. The Viking Chain range is a world leader of robust chain systems for clarifier tanks. We offer a full product range and technical support of products consisting of non-metallic and metallic drive chains and cross collector chains. Full systems components comprising of chains, chain attachments, flights and sprockets and wear components are available.

Typical Applications

Rectangular Clarrifiers

Grit Channels

Dafs and savealls