Moduline – Slice Loading

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The capacity of our four divisions - Design, Engineering, Machining and Plastics gives up the ability to design, develop and produce innovative equipment

Automated Slice Loading System

Our client selected Concept Solutions to design and build an Automated Slice Loading System. This demanding project deposits twin lane slice cake into clear plastic trays at high speeds up to 50 m/min.

On the lower tier a Moduline indexing conveyor receives empty trays from a de-nester machine placing two trays at a time on to the belt narrow side leading. This conveys the trays perpendicular to another Moduline loading conveyor which is loaded via pneumatic pusher.

Simultaneously the upper tier conveyors receive, separate and transport the cut slice cake ready to be deposited into the empty trays. Both the upper and lower tier conveyors hunt each others’ positions and are controlled by sensors and servomotors. The loaded tray is transported through to packing on moduline and rollaveyor conveyors.

To complicate the project a bypass configuration was required for alternate products therefore the lower and discharge conveyors were required to relocate and complete the bypass setup. This was achieved by lifting an upper tier conveyor as the lower conveyors are retracted.

Scope of Supply:
• 3 x Moduline Hygenic Series Conveyors
• 3 x B-line Hygienic Series Conveyors
•1 x Pneumatic Pusher
•1 x Rollaveyor gravity roller conveyor
• 1 x Retractable carriage support frame
• All Electrical and Pneumatic Control
• Installation and Commissioning


Concept Solutions is a multi-disciplined engineering company that specializes in the design and manufacture of process equipment and conveying systems. The company also provides a substantial machining and fabrication services to a broad range of manufacturing and processing industries.

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